About Clem

Sunset near Brighton UKClem followed his success at A-Level Geology with a Geology BSc. Hons degree from Leicester University. Where, apart from looking at all ages and manner of rock in the lab or on fieldwork in Scotland, Eire,  Swiss/Italian Alps and Tenerife, found time to go canoeing and successfully manage the finances for some really good parties with artists such as The Prodigy and Jools Holland.

He then went travelling, lived and worked in for a ski season in Alpe D’Huez, France and soon after Sydney, Australia for nearly half a year before diving on the Great Barrier Reef. A happenstance conversation led to a flight to Taiwan, where Clem succumbed to the long-held suggestion that he become a Teacher.  That initial two-week visit grew to become 11 years during which his interest of technology and IT was ignited; also becoming a Web Developer and the External Development Director for a UK education consultancy company.

In the end his love of teaching won out and education became the focus of his professional development. On returning to the UK in 2009 Clem passed his TrinitiyCert TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) at the University of Sussex before considering a career in UK Primary Education. However, concluding that this was not the path he wanted his career to take, in 2011 Clem began his Masters study with the Open University; and is currently working towards an MA Online and Distance Education. (MAODE), which he expects to complete in September 2012. As part of this course he is studying:

  • Continuing professional development in practice (U810)
  • The e-learning professional (H808)
  • Accessible online learning: supporting disabled students (H810)
  • Innovations in e-learning (H807)
  • Technology-enhanced learning: practices and debates (H800)

More links about.me

Sussex Downsman – 65 miles in 15 hours
Geology Society Award – highest mark in AEB A-level Geology
Elected Treasurer, Digby Hall, Leicester University – Responsible for £100,000 turnover successfully audited by Coopers & Lybrand Successful organization and staging of the Summer Ball. Controlling expenditure for the Bands (The Prodigy, Jools Holland), Dodgems, Big Wheel, equipment hire and catering.
Solo World Travel – resulting in 11 years Taiwan residency
Open Water Diver qualification
Elected President of local community groups in Taiwan


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